About Me

Hi, my name is Julian King. Many of my friends call me Jules. I’m old enough (!) and a father of 3. I’ve been vegetable gardening on and off most of my life.

My allotment is in Egham, Surrey on the Boshers Allotment Association site on Whitehall Lane. It’s an independent site and very well provisioned. There is a shop run by site members and we have mains fed water butts. It’s secure and has a friendly community.

This blog is in part about sharing my experiences of allotment gardening at Boshers and also about growing good food for my family and helping my children learn to do that too, understand a bit about nature, botany, and also understand where the food on their plates come from.

My wife Angelika is a rather a good cook. She comes from an Austrian farming background and so she really gives me some inspiration to push the boundaries on what I grow. She’s really good at preserving, making jams, fruit juices, pickles. So while we try to eat fresh as much as possible and for as long as possible over the year, we do grow to preserve and plan our harvest to give us food from the allotment for almost every day of the year.

This blog is a work in progress. I’ve never done anything like this on web based technology before so if you find what I write interesting, please bare with me on the tech front if things don’t look right!

I really hope you enjoy reading my blogs. I hope they add to your own gardening experiences and if you feel like sharing your views on my observations and comments, or what to add your own ideas even, please add a comment or e-mail me.

Happy vegetable gardening



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